3 Windows Brainteaser

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If you follow us on social media, you would have seen that we have released a brainteaser recently featuring 3 double glazed windows (above). We have had an amazing amount of people posting the correct (and wrong) answers on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages. It is always good to see people take part in our fun & games and we hope you enjoyed this one.

The premise of the brainteaser is that we have our 3 double glazed windows, but only one of them will open.  The aim, find the window that opens.

To help you find the window that opens, we have 3 statements, one beneath each window. Only one of these statements is true and the other two are false. But which one?

The statements are as follows.

Window 1 – This window will open

Window 2 – The window will not open

Window 3 – Window number 1 will not open

Although this doesn’t seem like enough information, this is all you will need in order to find the open window.

Surprisingly, so far 64% of you have given us the wrong answer!

So let’s break this down for you and find the correct answer.

If you don’t want to know the answer yet, do not read on….

Double glazed windows

To work out the answer, you just need a simple case of elimination.

If our double glazed window 1 would open, then the statements on window 1 and window 2 would both be correct, so we can eliminate this one as we know only one statement is correct.

If the double glazed window 3 would open , then then statements on window 2 and 3 would both be correct, so again we can eliminate this one.

So the correct answer is obviously Double Glazed Window 2. This makes the statement on Window 3 correct and the other 2 false.

Window 1 – This window will open (FALSE, so this window will not open)

Window 2 – This window will not open (FALSE, so this window will open)

Window 3 – Window number 1 will not open (TRUE, so window number 1 will not open)

So there you have it, our double glazed Window 2 is the only window that opened in this little brainteaser. Give yourself a pat on the back if you got it right and make your way back to social media to mock those that didn’t.

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Purplex Marketing3 Windows Brainteaser

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