Top 6 smart home products

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Bringing technology into your property to create a smart home is becoming more and more popular. “Smart” products, aimed to make like easier with the use of wireless technology are making life that little bit easier. So for those times when you can’t be bothered to get up and change the temperature yourself or don’t want to miss your TV show to go and turn the kettle on, smart products are there to help.

Technology is improving at an incredible rate, films in the past would show a future with cars that drive themselves and homes that you could talk and interact with. This made up future is now becoming a reality and with so many smart products on the market, you can turn your home into a “Smart Home”.  So whether you want to check on your pet whilst you are at work, automate your heating or are just too lazy to get up and turn the kettle on, we have some suggestions for you.

There are so many new smart products entering the market every week, the list was originally going to be our top 5, but there was an extra one that we just couldn’t leave out. So without further ado, here are our favorite 6 smart home products for 2017 so far….

Samsung Smart Fridge Freezer

Samsung Home Hub

The Samsung Smart Fridge (known as the Samsung Home Hub) is one of our favourite smart products. It has a massive amount of features to make your home life easier and does so with a massive amount of style and class. The look of the fridge to start with is stunning, with the large tablet area built into one of the front doors.  From the smart tablet you can control the fridge, browse the web, even stream TV programmes. The technology doesn’t stop here, there are 3 cameras inside the fridge allowing you to see what you have inside from your mobile phone at any time. The Smart fridge will even connect to the internet and suggest recipes based on the contents of your fridge and freezer and send an order to your selected supermarket to re-order the items you are running low on.  At just under £4000 this is not a cheap addition to your home, but with so many cool features it is a welcome addition to any smart home.

Google Home

Google Home

The Amazon Echo came out first, but the Google Home smart speaker is now here and looks amazing. The sleek, modern design would feel at home in any smart home and the voice recognition is all you would expect from Google. If you have used the Google app before, you know the voice recognition is very good. Just start it up by saying “OK Google” and ask away. You can ask the Google Home to play music from your Spotify, set your alarms and even get organised by creating lists. You can ask for advice on your daily commuting times and even take control of your home, linking it with a Nest Thermostat to control the temperature of your home.

Google Home really does give you voice control over your home and for just £129 – amazing product.

Dyson 360 Eye

Dyson 360

If cleaning isn’t your thing, Dyson have stepped in to automate this for you with their Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner. Automated cleaning doesn’t come cheap, breaking the bank at £799.99, but as you would expect from the Dyson brand, this robot vacuum is really impressive. The vacuum is fairly compact and easy to store away, coming with its own charging dock and is extremely easy to use. You can either press the one and only button on the top of the unit to get it started or download the app and control the vacuum with schedules for when you would like it to clean.  As expensive as it is, this is a great smart product, working its way around your home cleaning as it goes.

Nest Protect

Nest Protect

It would be very easy to simply dismiss this product as an expensive, glorified smoke alarm, but it is so much more.  The Nest Protect has a smart sensor which can tell the difference between steam and smoke and unlike the old fashioned smoke alarms with their ear bursting alarms, the Protect gives you a spoken warning before the full alarm is sounded.  This is great if you are in the home and aware of the problem and don’t want your ear drums burst before you solve your problem.  If you are out of the house, the Protect can also send an alert to your smart phone.  This is a great smart product and look’s absolutely stunning, a great addition to any smart home.

Philips Hue Ambiance Starter Kit

Philips Hue

Controlling your lights from your phone or even your Google Home hub is now possible thanks for these smart light bulbs from Philips.  The bulbs can be set to one of 16 million different colours, you can pick your ideal shade, create automated timers or flick the lights on and off remotely. This is great for smart home, coming home and asking your Google Home hub to turn the lights on is very cool and the automated functionality is also great for security.



As the movie “The secret life of pets” showed us, your beloved pets could be up to allsorts whilst you are out at work.  The Furbo gives you a glimpse into their daytime lives with a camera, microphone and speaker built in.  This allows you to communicate with your pets from your smart phone and can even be set to give you an alert whenever your dog is barking. This is great product and is made even better by the addition of the treat dispenser.  Whilst communicating with your pet, you can use the app to release a pre-filled dog treat from the Furbo unit.

These are some great smart products to help you build your ideal smart home. Technology is moving so quickly it will be interesting to see what smart products we are using in our homes this time next year.

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