Winter Home Improvements

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2017 has only a few months left as I write this, Christmas adverts have already started to pop up everywhere and the weather is starting to get colder. It is this time of year where planning your home improvement projects before winter sets in is a good idea. Before the weather gets too chilly and you just want to crank the radiators up and sit in front of Netflix for the rest of the year, there are some much needed household tasks which always make the cold winter period a lot more bearable.

Clear those gutters

This is one of those dull tasks that people put off, but it can be so important at this time of year.  If you have a guttering full of wet and mouldy leaves, this is going to block the winter rain from passing through, which can eventually cause your gutters to crack or even snap completely. This happens more so when the freezing weather sets in.  If you have leaves and gunk forcing water to collect within your gutter, this will soon turn to ice, proving too heavy for your flimsy guttering.

This can be easily avoided with a quick clean out. There are companies who specialise in the cleaning of gutters, with a small fee to get all of your gutters fresh and clean ready for winter.  If you are a bit more hands on, then ensure you have a safe, secure footing for your ladder and clean the entire way around your house, making sure water can freely run down and away from your home.


Having a well-insulated home can save you a fortune on heating bills once the weather turns cold. In the past, depending on your age and size of home, the government have installed additional insulation to homes for free. It is worth speaking to your local council to see if you are eligible for such home improvements.

If you feel as if your loft looks a little sparse when it comes to insulation, then you have the two options of either buying and installing additional insulation yourself or hiring in the professionals.  Insulating foam can be purchased from most good hardware stores and cut to fit the inside of your loft area.  However, there are many good companies offering this service to give you a professional finish and peace of mind that the insulation is installed properly, giving you maximum energy saving.

Check your windows

Windows are one of the main parts of your home that can let the cold air in and ruin your lovely warm winter home.  Double glazed (and even triple glazed windows) are great for energy efficiency, with the additional layers of glass separated by argon gas giving a great level of insulation. However, nothing lasts forever and even the highest quality double glazed windows may need replacing at some point.

As the weather starts to get cooler, it is the perfect time to check your windows to ensure they will keep your home nice and warm and mould free throughout the winter.  Firstly, just feel the temperature in front of your window, if the double glazing is working then this area in front of the glass shouldn’t be very cold and you should feel no breeze coming through. Another thing to check for is damp or even mould building up either on the window frame itself or on the walls surrounding the window. This can be a major sign that you windows are failing and in need of either replacement or repair.  Lastly, look out for mist building up on your windows or even in between the panes of double glazed glass. This is a definite sign that your windows are failings and will only get worst once the colder weather sets in.

Winter windows

Check your Boiler

As the weather starts to get colder you’ll be using your boiler more and more, the worst thing you could have is for this to fail on you when you need it the most.  Usually, your boiler will be responsible for all of your hot water and in many cases the heating for your home.  Regular checking and maintenance can help nip any boiler problems in the bud early.  A quick maintenance before winter can keep your boiler working in optimum condition and help avoid more expensive repairs further down the line.  Unlike some of our other projects above, it is best to hire a boiler expert to ensure this work is carried out by a certified professional.

Completing all of these quick tasks before winter sets in can save you money and time in the long run.  Take the time now to get your home fully prepared for winter so you can relax in the warmth of your home and enjoy a stress-free winter.

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