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Whether you are looking to increase the value of your home, create some creature comforts or are a real home improvement enthusiast, the internet is the perfect haven for the latest home improvement tips, tricks and advice.  Selling our range of windows and doors in Kent, Essex, London and the Home Counties, we speak to lots of home improvement enthusiasts and people just looking to make the most of their home. A lot of the time these people would have taken to the internet to research the products and ideas they want to push forwards for their house first before picking the most suitable company to use.

Home Improvement Blogs

Blogging is something anybody can do and this is the beauty of the internet.  Everybody can share their home improvement ideas, experiments and product experience, sharing knowledge so your next project can be as successful as possible.

There are hundreds of thousands of home improvement blogs on the internet. Blogs covering specialist subjects giving you expert advice and tips through to simple home owners sharing their home improvement experiences and ideas. Below we have a list of some of our favourite home improvement blogs to share with you, take a look and comment at the bottom of the page if you have some others to suggest…
This is a great home improvement blog covering advice and tips as well as showcasing some dream homes. Definitely worth a follow

HomeZada is an American company that has a really nice App to allow people to manage their home improvement projects all in one place.  They also have a brilliant blog with loads of great tips and advice.
Build like a girl is the strap line and this girl certainly knows her stuff. Great blog with an amazing amount of helpful advice, tutorials and product reviews.

Home Spot

Home Spot is a really easy to read blog, there are loads of great guest posts featuring users own projects as well as a great amount of “how to’s”

Decor Hacks

This is fantastic website with loads of hacks to make your DIY projects a lot easier with ideas on things like creating a skyline headboards for your bedroom through to building your own plywood shoe rack.

DIY Home Staging Tips

A handy blog, that suggest loads of different ideas for preparing your home for sale.  These range from easy quick tasks to full on projects, all of which aim to get the largest amount of money for your home when it is placed up for sale.

The name says it all for this one; this is the DIY fans haven with an archive of DIY ‘how tos’ and a section for your to showcase your projects. There isn’t much you can’t find how to do on this site.

Home Stories A to Z

This is a beautiful blog, giving tutorials for a wide range of subjects. The site owner, Beth, has a great way of talking you through a range of different tasks “creating beauty out of chaos”.

Happy Homebodies

Another great looking blog with some stunning photography from the site owner Jordan’s own home along with a bunch of great tutorials and DIY tips to try in your own home.


Houzz is a HUGE website, giving a new approach to viewing home improvement projects.  Houzz also has a directory of home improvement companies within it, so whilst looking at the great photos of peoples home improvement projects, you can see the companies that completed them or buy the same products that they have used.

All of these blogs offer a great amount of help, whether you are looking to complete a specific home improvement task or are home improvement enthusiasts looking for ideas and tips or your next project. So whether you are looking to fit some new shelves or install your own replacement double glazed windows, online blogs can definitely offer you a help in the right direction.

Let us know what you think of our list below and be sure to suggest some of your favorite home improvement blogs too.

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