6 Reasons Why You Should Install Secondary Glazing In Your Home

The winter months have seen a steep drop in temperature, ensuring your home is colder over the winter months. This, combined with the cost of living crisis, has seen energy prices rise too. As a result, this might cause a reluctance to turn the heating on. 

This is where secondary glazing comes in. Secondary glazing is a cost effective way to combat rising energy costs, but there are many other benefits to installing it. At Filter, we know that it is becoming popular with homeowners. Read on to find out more. 

Secondary Glazing Offers Fantastic Soundproofing

When you choose secondary glazing in your home, you will benefit from fantastic sound insulation. This is ideal if you live in a quiet area because loud noises will be cut down to a whisper. This will help you sleep soundly, especially if you live in a busy area. 

Choosing secondary glazing in your home can reduce the noise pollution by up to 80%. This is ideal if you have a job that requires you to work from home, as you will find it easier to concentrate and focus. 

Easy To Install 

Choosing secondary glazing is a popular choice because of how easy it is to install. Secondary glazing works by adding another pane of glass over an existing one. 

When you choose Fitter Windows, our friendly team has installed secondary glazing for many years. With an efficient service, this ensures you can enjoy the benefits of your home instantly. 

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Good For the Environment

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, then secondary glazing will help reduce it. Similar to double glazing, an extra pane of glass is added, so it will give you plenty of natural light. This keeps your home warm while cold air stays outside. 

That’s not all. Secondary glazing is ideal for reducing mould and condensation. Another pane of glazing offers an insulating seal that creates a robust thermal barrier. This will help you save money on energy bills, while the cost of living crisis rises. 

At Fitter, we understand that it is important to have a thermally efficient building, and secondary glazing can help reduce heat loss, saving money on reducing energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Secondary Glazing Retains Your Home’s Original Character 

Secondary glazing retains your home’s original character This is especially true if you live in a period property and want to keep the home’s natural look. 

A secondary glazed property will be able to keep your home’s natural look while adding the thermal and acoustic benefits of double glazing. As a result, you can get the best of both worlds. 

Secondary Glazing Gets Rid of Condensation 

One massive benefit of Secondary Glazing is that it will get rid of unsightly condensation. During the colder months, the windows and glazing get wet, causing droplets, mould and draughts to enter your home.

Mould gives off an unpleasant damp smell, which secondary glazing can help eradicate straight away. One of the main ways you can prevent this is to ventilate your property as much as possible. As a result, your home will be cleaner in the long term. 

You Don’t Need Planning  Permission For Secondary Glazing 

One big advantage of secondary glazing is that you won’t need planning permission to install it. Secondary glazing is a sole panel that is fitted onto a single glazing panel, so the friendly team at Fitter will install it without any hassle.

Many types of secondary glazing can be removed at any time because it is a non permanent addition to eliminating draughts. What’s more, the design is low maintenance as well so the only thing that needs to be done is wipe it down with a cloth so it looks immaculate over time. This will give you a low maintenance design that you don’t need to worry about. What’s more, it is shatterproof so won’t get damaged by intruders.

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Get Secondary Glazing Installed With Fitter Today 

We hope that this article has helped you understand the benefits of secondary glazing. Easy to install and available in a wide range of designs, it is a cost effective installation in your home. 

If you would like to find out more, get in touch with Filter today. Call us today on 01279 799818 or fill our online contact form out. We will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Alternatively, if you would like to design your secondary glazing product, fill our online quoting engine out. We will get back to you with a price that suits your needs.  

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