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Conservatory Roofs Harlow & Essex

New conservatory roofs make for an excellent addition to any home in Harlow & Essex. Our roofs are available with any of our new conservatory styles, whether you’re looking for a smaller lean-to or grander gable-end. However, our conservatory roofs are also available via retrofit, whereby we can fit one of the three onto an existing extension, assuming it passes a survey conducted by our team.

This service allows you to revamp an old conservatory, both in appearance and performance. Our conservatory roofs all provide their own individual aesthetic enhancements, while also offering heat retention, home security and weather and sound insulation. Our conservatory roofs can provide your extension will a new lease of life.

Our conservatory roofs are manufactured and supplied by Ultraframe. They are widely regarded to be the industry leader for conservatory components, producing high quality, easy to fit roof systems. Over two million conservatories and extensions have been made using Ultraframe components nationwide, which is telling of their popularity and quality.

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Features & Benefits

Whether you’re installing a new extension or having our conservatory roofs retrofitted, you’ll benefit from fantastic thermal efficiency. These roofs do a superb job of retaining heat, allowing you to enjoy the conservatory all year round, without the concern of excessive heating bills. During summer, internal ventilation systems work to ensure that the extension is cool and free of condensation.

Whichever style you opt for, our conservatory roofs deliver fantastic aesthetics that can enhance the visual appeal of any Harlow & Essex home. With decorative design options such as cornices, finials and a range of colour finishes for you to choose from, you’ll be able to create a conservatory that can suit your home perfectly. The eye-catching designs will make you the envy of all your neighbours.

Old conservatory roofs can often leak as the year’s roll by. Our extension roofs are designed to be fully weatherproof at all times, with trickle vents and uPVC roofline preventing the build-up of standing water too. You’ll never have to worry about leaking, damp spots or water damage when you invest in a new conservatory with us. Our roofs can transform the performance of an existing extension.

Kerb appeal relates to the concept that your home becomes more valuable to potential homebuyers for one of a wide range of reasons. Offering these buyers a home a brand new or recently refurbished conservatory is a fantastic way of making it more appealing and attractive. Even if you aren’t thinking of moving home just yet, these conservatory roofs could prove to a smart long term investment.

By working with Ultraframe, we can offer our customers conservatory roofs that are incredibly easy to install. The solid and tiled options come with click-fit frames, cutting down the installation time. If one of our conservatory roofs are being fitted to an existing extension, then we may only need to work at your home for a day or two. This minimises the disturbance to your normal working life.

Having one of our conservatory roofs retrofitted could prove to be much more cost effective than tearing the extension down and having a new one fitted. By using your existing extension right through the year, your home will feel much more spacious. Having one of our conservatory roofs fitted is therefore also a cost effective way of making your home feel bigger.

Choose a Bespoke Conservatory Colour

One of many reasons why modern conservatories and orangeries are better than their predecessors is the range of colour options. We have a broad array of different finishes available here at Fitter, including the traditional white, subtle darker finishes and even woodgrains. Choose the colour you prefer to create a stunning, tailored extension. Can’t see the colour you’d prefer? Contact us directly to speak to one of our team.

Light Oak
Chartwell Green
These are just a sample of the wide range of colours available. If you have any specific requirements please don't hesitate to contact us.




These conservatory roofs look the most similar to the polycarbonate roof of old. They are made using robust double glazed panels, which allow natural light to filter through into the room below. They come with a UV protective layer, to ensure that you aren’t bothered my solar glare. They are the perfect conservatory roof for those looking to fit a bright sunroom to their home in Harlow or Essex.

Stylistically, these conservatory roofs look drastically different from conventional transparent options. These roofs are made using a blend of dark grey solid and double glazed panels, allowing for the perfect blend of privacy and natural light. These solid panels work best when partnered with a more modern build, thanks to a sleek design that can unify with our aluminium windows.

On the flip side, tiled conservatory roofs make for a fantastic enhancement to an older home here in Harlow & Essex. Choose from one of a handful of colour options and find the style that best suits your home. They can complement the traditional brickwork of an older property, while glazed panels will allow natural light to keep the room bright and airy, allowing year-round enjoyment.

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Conservatory Roofs Prices Harlow & Essex

If you’re interested in getting estimated prices for a new conservatory, then use our online quoting engine today. You’ll be able to get estimated prices for any of our conservatories, with the choice of any of our new conservatory roofs. If you’re looking to have your conservatory roof replaced with one of our stunning new options, then contact us directly for quotes. You can either leave your details on our online form or ring directly on 01322 515 960. We look forward to hearing from you!


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