8 Tips to Maintain Your Sash Windows

At Fitter Windows, we offer a range of uPVC sash windows for your home. These windows are the perfect choice for period homes due to their traditional look and low maintenance design. In this article, we will give you tips on how to look after them so they look their best. Read on to learn more. 

Wipe Them With a Damp Cloth

Our uPVC sash windows are known for their low maintenance design. They are easy to clean too. The only thing you need to do is wipe them with damp soapy water and a microfibre cloth so they look fantastic. If you clean the window this way every week, it will last longer. For the movement, wipe the cloth in a figure of eight as it removes any streaks and smears on the window. 

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Lubricate Any Moving Parts 

One of the most important things about your sash windows is making sure the locking parts are working efficiently. To do this, make sure the windows are lubricated twice a year so they retain their shine. Tilt the sashes and clean the inside with a cloth, inspecting it for small bits of dirt. 

Use a Glass Cleaner 

Keep your sash windows maintained by using a glass cleaner, This helps get rid of the streaks on the windows, resulting in a fresh look. What’s more, cleaning the glass will help improve the views of the outside, letting you enjoy them for longer. Once you have sprayed the cleaner, wipe it down gently with a cloth to look in pristine condition.

It is also essential to choose the right time of day to clean the sash windows. If the weather is sunny, the windows may dry too quickly. Clean them on a cloudy day or early in the morning. 

Keep the Sliders Dirt Free 

If you are worried about dirt building up on your sash windows, then cleaning them can reduce it. Regularly hoovering and wiping down the area will make sure the sash opens and closes smoothly and effortlessly for years.

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Mix a Dishwasher Detergent with Water to Clean the Outside Sash

If you notice the outside of your windows getting dirty, use a dishwasher liquid mixed with soapy water to create a cleaning solution. Next, use a squeegee to clean the frames, ensuring they are in pristine condition.  

Keep Condensation at Bay 

You might be worried about condensation on your windows. This is a common issue, so it is best to spot it early before it builds up. Sash windows offer superb levels of ventilation, so one way of reducing condensation is to open them as much as possible. This makes sure fresh air circulates in your home, so you can save on air conditioning bills. 

Look After Your Hardware 

When cleaning your sash windows, keep an eye on the hardware as well. Polishing your fasteners and handles will help them retain their shine and open more easily.

Inspect Your Sash WIndow Regularly 

After you have cleaned your sash windows, inspect them regularly so signs of rot and mould don’t build up. Look at the inner sash for signs of damage and make sure it operates smoothly.

Get Our uPVC Sash Windows Today 

We hope that this article has given you some helpful advice in looking after your sash windows. The more care you give your windows, the longer they will last.

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