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How did I get condensation inside my window and how do I get rid of it?

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There are certain things in life that everybody could definitely do without. Minor grievances that inconvenience us can be ignored for some time but eventually, you’d be better off dealing with them once and for all. One such irritant is condensation on the inside of a window. If you can’t see clearly out of your window, then this really detracts from the value of them and also makes your home less aesthetically pleasing. Before you can work on resolving the problem, it’s useful to know why it might have happened in the first place.

What causes interior window condensation?

ICondensationnterior condensation is most commonly a problem in winter when the outside temperature begins to drop, and the inside surface of your windows begin to cool. When it’s colder outside, people tend to heat their homes more, which leads to the heat within the home colliding with the cold surface of the window which creates excessive moisture. This moisture settles on the window in the form of condensation.

What are the risks of condensation?

Beyond being an annoyance, prolonged condensation can eventually become a more serious issue for both your health and your home. Older wooden windows might be prone to rot wood moulding, but condensation can also damage plaster, eventually causing damage to your entire home and not just the area of the window.

Condensation can also lead to mould growing on the walls and ceiling of your home, which leads to mould spores being released into the air that can be dangerous if inhaled. These spores can cause allergic reactions like sneezing, red eyes, and rashes. Some people are more affected by the mould caused by condensation than others, such people include babies and children, the elderly, those with skin problems and those with respiratory problems like asthma.

How can interior condensation be prevented?

Condensation 2There are many ways to keep your windows’ condensation under control, with a lot of them being relatively quick and simple. The main goal should be to reduce the amount of moisture in the air, thus reducing the likelihood of condensation. To reduce the levels of moisture, you should focus on improving the air circulation within the home. Methods of improving air circulation within a home include simple things like regularly opening your windows, especially when you’re doing household activities that might increase the level of moisture in the air.

Things that significantly increase humidity include things like showering, cooking, and ironing, so if it isn’t too cold outside, it’s very useful to keep your windows open during these activities. Even if you’re not doing any of these things, it’s also helpful to keep doors open within your home as it creates more room for any warm air to travel through. The usage of fans to push warm air around can also help reduce the chance of condensation.

If you’re looking for a more sure-fire but pricier solution to your condensation problem, you can buy something called a dehumidifier. As you might expect, a dehumidifier is a device that specialises in removing moisture and humidity in the air.

Fitter Windows

Perhaps the best way to minimise the risk and impact of interior condensation is to ensure that the initial installation of the windows is exceptionally professional. Fitter Windows are experts at installing not just windows, but doors, conservatories, and orangeries as well! To find out more, you can contact us or browse our website.

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How much do windows cost in the UK in 2019?

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It goes without saying that windows are a necessary purchase in life. Every home needs them to let in light and keep you warm, so at some point in your life, you’ll definitely find yourself browsing the many kinds of windows that are available in pursuit of ones that cater to your needs and home the best. During your browsing, you might notice that it’s very rare to see prices stated in plain view for you to compare and that can seem inconvenient but there is, in fact, a good reason for this.

How much do windows cost?

British CurrencyIt would be impossible to just give a specific price to attach to all windows without it being false advertising, which is why the quote system exists. Typically, a quote is a specific price given to an interested party after they provide the home improvement company with the details of the product they’re looking to have installed. If you’re curious, why not get a quote from us?

There’s a lot of variety available when it comes to windows, with varying materials and installation requirements that can affect the end price. It’s not uncommon for a surveyor to come to your house to see the style and design of your property, which helps them decide how the price is affected by the difficulty or ease of the installation itself.

The cost of uPVC windows vs the cost of timber windows

Window LeadsIf you’re looking for a general price range based on the material of the window you’re after, it’s useful to compare the various materials as some are generally more expensive than others. When it comes to uPVC and timber, you’ll be spending less upfront money if you opt for uPVC.

Timber windows tend to be significantly more expensive than their uPVC counterpart as it’s not a material that’s as readily available. Whilst this is good for those that are trying to spend less, it should be noted that timber windows boost the value of your property significantly more than uPVC windows.

The cost of uPVC windows vs the cost of aluminium windows

Aluminium WindowsAluminium windows are normally cheaper than timber windows but they’re still more expensive than uPVC. This means that uPVC windows are the cheapest overall option. Aluminium windows tend to cost more thanks to the higher cost of materials and manufacturing, but you might end up saving more money in the grander scheme of things as aluminium typically takes longer to degrade than uPVC.

Does the style of a window affect the cost?

Apart from the materials used, you might be wondering if the style of the window (such as whether it’s casement or sash etc) affects the price as well. To put it simply, yes. Not all types of windows require the same amount of materials, effort, and time to install so there’s definitely some differences when it comes down to pricing. It’s useful to do some research into the many kinds of windows available, which is why we have informative pages for every kind of window we offer.

Fitter Windows

Fitter Windows offers a variety of products beyond windows, including doors, conservatories, and orangeries. If you’re after great home improvements at a fair and affordable price, you won’t regret choosing Fitter Windows. To find out more, you can browse our website or contact us.

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Are you replacing your uPVC double glazed windows? Don’t fall into these traps…

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As the new year begins, you might have begun looking at the state of your home and concluded that your windows are in need of replacement. It’s easy to be eager to get your windows replaced as soon as you can but it’s worth carefully considering the kind of windows you want and the installers you choose to carry out the work. By being careful, you can be certain that your windows will serve you a long time and the investment will be one you’re glad you made. Here are some traps you should try to avoid if you don’t want to end up feeling disappointed.

The problems with cheap installers

coinsIt’s easy to immediately want to go with the cheapest window installers you can find, after all, who doesn’t want to save as much money as possible? The problem with this is that many of these installers with prices that seem ‘too good to be true’ normally cut costs elsewhere to make up for it. Whether it’s using cheap materials in the products themselves or using inexpensive methods of installation, the consequences of their work will make themselves known to you within due time.

You might be wondering what the consequences are from buying from these cheap installers and the answer is anything from draughts to the window itself falling out of place. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ really is true. At Fitter Windows, you can request a quote to work out how much it’ll cost you with one fair and respectable price provided as opposed to the ever-changing and often overpriced answers given by most other window installers.

Questions to ask your window installer

Question MarkWhen it comes to replacing your existing windows, you want to make sure that the new ones will get the job done and meet your requirements. To ensure the new windows have everything you require, you should ask questions prior to the handover of any money. In most cases, you should be able to find out the majority of things you want to know by looking at the product pages on the installer’s website. In the case of Fitter Windows, we have many informative pages on our site that tell you the key things you might be interested in knowing, like this one for our window products.

You’ll also benefit by seeking information on the installation process itself, it’s useful to find out things like the estimated timeframe and the techniques used to minimise the impact the process will have on your daily activities. If you have any questions about how we at Fitter Windows conduct our replacement window installations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Make the most of a replacement window

LeadsInstead of getting the exact kind of windows you had previously, you should use this as an opportunity to increase the functionality of windows. Windows can be configured to fit the hole that your previous windows left whilst also differing in aesthetics and practicality. It’s worth doing research to find out if there are windows that have better security or energy efficiency than your previous ones and then use this opportunity to get the new kind of window installed.

Fitter Windows

So why wouldn’t you get your windows replaced? There’s only the opportunity for increased efficiency, aesthetics, and security! Fitter Windows offers more than replacement windows, we’re also the place to go for doors, conservatories, and orangeries. If you’re interested in finding out more, why not browse our website or contact us?

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How to choose a modern front door for your house

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With so many options available to homeowners today, the task of choosing a modern front door for your house can seem unbelievably daunting. There are a number of factors one should consider when looking for a front door, mainly in relation to your personal preferences and the style of your home. Understandably, nobody wants to make this decision blind, which is why we’ve made this handy guide for you!

1930s front door

Combining the standout style of the 1930s with the incredible performance attributes of modern doors, a 1930s front door will ensure that your home is unique in its appearance. They’re normally a style of composite door, which means they’re exceptionally sturdy.

Aesthetically, they utilise vibrant colours and also tend to have a stained-glass design. You might think that the name implies only older houses would be compatible with this style of door but in reality, they can blend in seamlessly with any kind of property. This kind of door is something you might choose if you’re looking to be distinct.

Double glazed doors and side panels

One important aspect of a door is how well it can retain heat within your home, which is where double glazed doors come in. By using two panes of glass instead of one, there’s room in-between them for a pocket of argon gas. Argon gas excels at stopping heat as it tries to pass through the glass within your door, whereas a single pane of glass allows heat to travel through it with ease. Double glazing is most effective when used on French, patio, slide & swing, and bi-folding doors as they’re made up of largely glass.

You can get side panels for composite doors. Side panels are vertical panels that are placed at either side of the door and they’re usually made of glass or a composite material. There’s also something called a top box, which is essentially a side panel that sits horizontally at the top of your door. Side panels are both decorative and functional in their use. They tend to have glass panes which allow for more light to be let into your home and they also make the entrance to your home look wider and more inviting.

Contemporary composite front doors

Composite doors are made up of a variety of materials, including but not limited to: reinforced plastic, uPVC, real wood, and insulating foam. The combination of these materials creates a door that is supremely durable and built to last. A composite door from Fitter Windows uses robust door skins to make them as weatherproof as possible. Whilst composite doors are proven to be practical, you might be wondering how they are aesthetically.

A contemporary composite door is one that can be customised in a variety of ways. We offer composite doors that come in a variety of colours and styles, including our previously mentioned 1930s front doors, so there’s a composite door for every kind of home.

White uPVC doors

uPVC is a material that’s both extremely strong and durable, it’s also low maintenance and easy to clean. A uPVC door won’t rot or warp like some other kinds of doors might and they also don’t need to be repainted regularly. uPVC doors are widely customisable and are thermally efficient too! Combine all of these great things with an affordable price and you’ll see why the uPVC door continues to be the door of choice for many homeowners. Fitter Windows offers many different kinds of uPVC doors, including both front and back.

Wood effect uPVC doors

As mentioned, uPVC doors are one of the most common kinds of doors in use today, and for good reason too. If you’re interested in a uPVC door but want it to stand out amongst the rest, there’s no better way than getting a wood effect uPVC door. A wood effect uPVC door is a traditional uPVC door, but it’s designed to have the appearance of a wooden or timber door, further proving the flexible customisation of uPVC doors.

Black front door

If you’re really not certain on the kind of door you want for your home, there’s a style that is universally applicable and that is a black front door. No matter what kind of home you have, a black front door will always look good thanks to its simplistic but deeply captivating appearance. Whether your door is uPVC, composite, or aluminium, black is always an option and you really can’t go wrong with it.

What material is best for a front door?

The answer to this question is more of an opinion than a fact. Whilst it’s true that different materials have different strengths, there is no definitive best material. If you’re looking for a well-rounded door at a lower price than most others, opt for a uPVC door. If you’re looking for a door that is phenomenally strong and secure, then a composite door is for you. Homeowners looking for a door that is sleek and stylish might be interested in an aluminium door above all else. It doesn’t matter what kind of door you go for though, because any door from Fitter Windows is sure to complete your home.

Fitter Windows

Fitter Windows offers more than just the very best in doors. We also have a wide range of windows, conservatories, and orangeries. For more information, you can contact us or browse our website.

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3 reasons to replace the windows on your Kent home

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Did you know that your house might not be reaching its full potential both aesthetically and thermally? More often than not, the reason for this is outdated windows that could do with being replaced by something more modern; that’s where Fitter Windows comes in! Here are 3 reasons to replace the windows on your Kent home.

Sculptured-sash-window-whiteImproved window thermal efficiency

Relatively old windows will most likely not have efficient glazing and will instead have just one pane of glass. Windows with nothing but one pane of glass aren’t thermally efficient because the glass lets heat pass through it with ease, meaning no matter how much you try to heat your home, the majority of the heat will leave.

This can be resolved by the inclusion of double or triple glazing. Double glazing adds a second pane of glass whilst leaving a pocket of Argon or Krypton gas between them. The inert gas used helps keep heat within the home and slows it down as it attempts to pass through the window.

You can increase the level of thermal efficiency even further by having triple glazed windows fitted. As the name suggests, triple glazing utilises three separate panes of glass, which creates another pocket filled with an inert gas to further restrict heat trying to leave your home.

The uPVC profile we use for our windows is made up of multiple chambers, which also helps improve thermal efficiency. Double and triple glazing on a property not only reduces the heat lost through your windows but also prevents draughts and cold spots. Fitter Windows is proud to give homeowners the option of both double and triple glazing when it comes to their windows.

LeadsImproved window aesthetics

Modern windows are able to have many more options when it comes to customisation in comparison to traditional windows. uPVC windows in particular are available in a plethora of frame styles, each with their own unique features. With anything from casement and sliding sash to bow & bay and tilt & turn windows, you’ll find a style that’s perfect for you!

The window choices don’t end at the style of the frames though, once you’ve picked the kind you want, you’ll then be able to decide on a number of glass options, colour options, and handles. There are multiple glass options that have different properties and styles that can really make an impact on how your house is viewed by people.

At Fitter Windows, we have a wide range of lead, bevel and colour designs, which allow your modern windows to really stand out. You might not think it, but the handles you choose can also have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the windows, which is why we allow you to select both the design and colour of your window handles.

Aluminium WindowsImproved window security

Another benefit you’ll gain upon replacing your old windows is peace of mind as you’ll be far more secure in your own home. Windows from Fitter Windows utilise modern security features to ensure that you’re at minimal risk of a break-in. Our windows are fitted with high-quality locking systems and sturdy materials to discourage would-be intruders.

If you’re looking to truly beef up the security of your home, you might be interested in our aluminium flush sash windows, which are manufactured by Räum and are Secured by Design accredited.

Fitter Windows

If you’re looking for impressive windows, doors, conservatories, or orangeries, that are installed by professionals, look no further than Fitter Windows. For more information, contact us or browse our website.

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How do I get my windows unstuck? Our quick fix tips!

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If you’ve had your windows for a long time or they were poorly installed, you may have begun to experience some unexpected issues. It’s common for old or dodgy windows to become stuck, which is the last thing anybody wants. If it’s stuck in the closed position, you won’t be able to let air into the affected room and your home can begin to feel quite stuffy. A stuck window can also be very serious as it becomes a fire hazard because it’s somewhere that won’t be able to be used as a possible escape route or for smoke to leave the room. It’s annoying no matter which way you look at it, so we’ve provided some quick fix tips to resolve this problem!

Loosening a painted shut window

In some cases, paint can dry up between the frame and the window itself, which makes it difficult to open. To remedy this, you should take a putty knife and begin to run it between the window and the frame, from corner to corner. Make sure you do this on both the inside and outside of the window, this should begin to chip away at the dried-up paint, creating more space for the window to open.

If the dried-up paint has been left there a while, the original technique might not work, and you’ll have to use a hammer wrapped with a cloth to lightly tap the corners of the window frame in an attempt to loosen the window itself.

Using a hammer to unstick a window

The hammer and cloth method could work on a stuck window that hasn’t been affected by dry paint so it’s worth trying no matter what the reason for your window being stuck is. Remember to be careful when attempting this as you don’t want to damage the glass. It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t just try and force a window open with your bare hands as this can damage the frames and you’ll more than likely need to pay to have them repaired.

Using a putty knife and hammer to unstick a window

If this method doesn’t resolve the problem for you, try adding a putty knife into the mix. Place the putty knife into the cracks between the frame and window and then use a hammer to gently tap the handle of the putty knife. Continue to do this across the entire outside of your window and then attempt to open it to see if you’ve succeeded in loosening it.

Cutting the seal to unstick a window

Another possible way to get your window unstuck is to try and cut the seal. The seal of a window is the part that secures the individual panes of glass within a window. Cutting the seal of a window will take some time but by running a utility knife through it, you should eventually be able to free it from the window frame. This can sometimes remedy the problem.

How to prevent a window from sticking

Hopefully one of those methods proved useful for you and you were able to unstick your window and open it once more. If not, you should consider replacing the affected windows entirely. Even if you did manage to resolve the issue, there’s a high likelihood of it happening again. There are a few precautions you can take to minimise the risk of your windows sticking again in the future.

Keeping the tracks of your windows clean is an important part of preventing them from becoming stuck. You can keep these clean by occasionally vacuuming them (whilst using a brush attachment) to ensure there’s less build-up of grime.

Fitter Windows

For high-quality windows that are installed with the utmost care, buy from Fitter Windows. Windows aren’t all we offer though, you can also get doors, conservatories, and orangeries. For more information, you can contact us or browse our website.

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Are uPVC windows flammable? The answer to this and other uPVC myths

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uPVC windows are increasingly common amongst all forms of buildings thanks to both their sturdiness and thermally efficient properties. Of course, with anything that gets popular, there’s always some misinformation floating about that picks up steam and before long it’s a common misconception among many. In the case of uPVC windows, there’s a fair number of untrue claims and accusations, some more damaging than others.

Are uPVC windows flammable?

Perhaps one of the biggest myths about uPVC windows is that they’re flammable, meaning they catch fire with ease. This couldn’t be further from the truth, uPVC as a material acts as a fire retardant, which means it’s not readily susceptible to fire.

Is uPVC bad for the environment?

Decorative-horn-windowsWith the risk of global warming, it’s only natural that people have become more environmentally conscious, unfortunately though, some of these efforts are misguided. Many people think uPVC isn’t a sustainable material, but this isn’t true as it’s actually massively recyclable. There’s also the added benefit of knowing no trees were cut down to make your window and because of the added insulation the windows provide you, you’ll be spending less money on fossil fuel energy production.

Are uPVC windows weak?

Some people think that uPVC windows aren’t very strong and are prone to breaking and home intrusions. This isn’t the case, uPVC is a material that’s designed to be both durable and sturdy. One of the main reasons uPVC is so popular these days is because of the security it provides. Our uPVC windows come with high-quality locking mechanisms to give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your home.

Are uPVC windows more susceptible to condensation?

LeadsFor whatever reason, there’s also a belief that uPVC windows are more prone to condensation than say, timber or aluminium. This claim is unfounded as all windows are prone to condensation no matter what material the frames are made from. Condensation is actually a sign your windows are doing their job as it’s caused by a difference in temperature between the air and the window pane. If a window installation is faulty, condensation can become more of a problem, which is why you should ensure you get your uPVC windows fitted by Fitter Windows for a professional installation.

Are uPVC windows expensive?

uPVC windows are some of the most affordable windows on the market. On average, uPVC windows are cheaper than other materials like timber or aluminium. This isn’t to say they’re worth less as you still get incredible style, security, and thermal efficiency.

Do uPVC windows require a lot of maintenance?

Bay & Bow WindowsIt’s not unheard of for a window to need regular or occasional maintenance, some types of windows needing it more than others. uPVC windows will never need repainting and unlike the uPVC products of years ago, they won’t yellow thanks to improvements in construction.

Fitter Windows

At Fitter Windows, we install a wide variety of windows, including uPVC, timber, and aluminium, all with their own benefits and styles. We also offer doors, conservatories, and orangeries. All our products are installed with care by our team of professionals. For more information, contact us today or browse our website.

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How long do uPVC windows last?

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Does your home struggle to retain its heat? Have you noticed a considerable rise in your energy bills because you’re constantly trying to keep your home warm? Are the interior of your windows often wet with condensation, particularly in the morning? Have you noticed any draughts or cold spots around your windows or window frames? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s probably time to replace your windows.

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uPVC or Aluminium Bifold Doors? Our tips for choosing the right one for your home

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When it comes to choosing doors for your home, there’s a lot of decisions to be made. Even when you’ve decided on the type of door you want, this only leads to another decision; what material do you want the door to be made of? If you’ve decided on bifold doors, there’s two major materials to choose from: uPVC and aluminium. Which one should you get? It depends on your home and preferences as each material has their own pros and cons.

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Five things to do in Kent this summer

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With the UK experiencing one of the hottest summers on record, now is the perfect time to get out and about. If you’re lucky enough to live in Kent, you’ll probably already know how much it has to offer. If you’re looking for some great days out this summer, here are five ideas to get you started.

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