What Are Q-Lon Gaskets?

When reading about Fitter Window’s range of uPVC products, you may be left wondering what the Q-Lon gasket is. That’s why the Fitter Window team has put together this helpful advice article on Q-Lon Gaskets.

What Are Q-Lon Gaskets?

Q-Lon Gaskets are the difference between your Essex or Kent home being prone to issues such as cold draughts & damp, or retaining the comfort of your property. Our range of uPVC windows is fitted with the Q-Lon weatherseal gasket. This means when you choose Fitter Windows, you can have complete peace of mind your home has the best protection in the strongest of storms.

Lasting Quality

The Q-Lon Gasket is designed to offer 99% compression recovery, offering constant height at the corners of the window or door. This will improve the weathering and not product weld spruce. It also makes it difficult for cold draughts or damp to enter your Essex or Kent home.

These weatherseals are airtight and will seal your home. Unlike other windows, you can find that over time, the seals of the window lose their effectiveness. Through choosing Fitter, you’ll be opting for a product that continues to operate at the highest quality, even after regular use.

Q-Lon Gaskets

Warming Your Home for Longer

When compared to other windows, Q-Lon gaskets offer a greater deal of heat retention once installed within your Essex or Kent home. Even when your windows are closed for a long period of time, this gasket will continue to operate at the highest quality. In the winter, the gasket works perfectly in temperatures as low as -20. In the summer, they can operate in heats of up to 70 degrees.

Through choosing a product fit with a Q-Lon gasket, you’ll increase the heat retention capabilities of your home. Natural heat will be retained within your home for longer. This will reduce your reliance upon your central heating for warmth, leading to lower energy bills. As your energy consumption lessens, the carbon footprint of your Essex or Kent home will reduce.

Quality Guaranteed

As with the uPVC windows we offer, the Q-Lon Gasket is accompanied by a guarantee of quality. Through investing in our windows, you get a 10-year guarantee. The gasket itself is accompanied by a 20-year guarantee. By choosing Fitter Windows, you can expect the best quality products as standard.

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