Why is my door not locking?

A study from MoneySuperMarket found that 74% of burglars gain entry into a home through front doors. With this in mind, if you’re struggling to lock your door, be sure to get it fixed or replaced as soon as you can. We’ve collected a few reasons why your uPVC or composite door may not be locking.

Why is my uPVC door not locking?

Your door may have dropped

This is normally a rather simple fix, as most new uPVC doors are designed to be fairly easy to adjust. Generally, tightening the hinges on your door with an Allen key would fix this, but this may vary depending on the type of door. If you’re unsure how to do this, get hold of the door manufacturer.

Faulty lock or door mechanism

Problems with the lock or door mechanism are trickier to fix. A locksmith will be able to assist by repairing or replacing the lock, but a door mechanism would need some attention from a home improvement professional.

Why is my composite door not locking?

Your door may be warped

Over longer periods of time, you may find your older composite door is warping. This generally happens due to changes in weather between hot and cold, or due to exposure to moisture. Newer composite doors, like the ones sold by Fitter Windows, are coated with robust door skins for more resistance against the elements that the British climate throws at you. Unfortunately, a replacement door may be the only fix for this problem but new composite doors are very robust and a good option for a tough, secure front door.

Faulty lock or door mechanism

The lock and door mechanisms in composite and uPVC doors are often very similar. If you don’t feel comfortable looking to fix the lock yourself, contact a local locksmith. For help fixing a problem with the door mechanism, contact an industry professional.

Replacement front doors in your area

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