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Fitter Windows installs high performance Zanussi boilers throughout Harlow, Chelmsford, Brentwood, Romford, Braintree and across Essex & Kent.

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Boilers Essex & Kent

Fitter Windows now installs high quality boilers in homes across the Harlow, Essex & Kent regions. As one of the first home improvement specialists to offer this service, our customers can have windows, doors and boilers fitted as part of the same project with the same company. This saves time and hassle for you as the homeowner, especially if you’re completing a larger project.

However, if you’re instead just looking for a new boiler, you have a reputable and local home improvement specialist who can complete a quick and efficient installation in your home. We take pride in completing both the survey and installation within a two-week span, as per the guidelines from our designated boilers supplier, Zanussi.

We use them as we believe they offer a better standard of product, meaning the systems we are installing are of the highest quality. Their products are made right here in England, allowing us to have a better control over the supply chain and ensure that every boiler is of a consistent standard. Each of our boilers come fitted with the latest technology, for an exemplary performance.

Features & Benefits

Being one of the most modern boilers on the market, it’s expected that these Zanussi products would deliver fantastic levels of thermal efficiency. They do an excellent job of keeping your Essex or Kent home warm during the colder months, despite being relatively inexpensive to run and maintain. As a result, our boilers are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust.

Despite being such a high performance product, our Zanussi boilers are impressively lightweight. They can weight as little at 27.7kg, making them much easier to handle and therefore quicker and simpler to install our end. This means we don’t spend as much time working at your home here in Essex or Kent, allowing your normal life to be disturbed as little as possible.

Another benefit of these Zanussi boilers is they’re compliant with the Energy related Product Directive. This scheme covers water storage units, including both boilers and heaters. It concerns the emissions that the product releases, with complicit products releasing a lower amount of harmful fumes. With this, our boilers are more environmentally friendly.

These boilers have been designed to look sleek and minimalistic. The internal components, including pipe connections and a pre-wired mains lead, are all concealed by the outer skin of our boilers. This means there isn’t any low-hanging cables or messy pipes on show if the boiler isn’t installed into a cupboard space within your kitchen, as is traditional.

Our new Zanussi boilers come with a digital heads up display and two simple to operate dials for ease of use. This gives you total control of how hot you want to set your boiler while in use, rather than having to estimate. The clear display and simple diagnostics make it easy to read and understand, allowing you to get the most of your new boiler.

Zanussi are so confident that their boilers are built to last, that each product is rubber stamped with a ten year product guarantee. This comprehensive warranty protects your investment in the unlikely event that these boilers suffer from any manufacturing defects. In this instance, your boiler will be totally replaced for free.

Our boiler installations service comes with some of the quickest lead times for anyone in the Essex & Kent area. This means you get one of our new boilers quicker, rather than waiting months. With this, if your current system is faulty, you aren’t waiting ages to be back up to scratch.

At the start of the installation process, your home will be subject to a quick and free survey. As per Zanussi guidelines, this will be completed within 48 hours of sale, ensuring one of these systems can be fitted to your home. From there, the installation can be completed within a week.

Despite offering such a slick and easy service, our Zanussi boilers could be available for much less than you first imagined. As with our other home improvement products, we at Fitter take pride in ensuring we are competitive with the market around us, as to not overcharge our customers.

Boiler Prices Essex & Kent

If you’re interested in getting estimated prices for one of our stunning boiler systems, then get in touch today. You can leave your name and details on our online form, and we’ll reach out to you. You can also contact us directly on 01322 515960.

We also have an online quoting engine that you can use to get free estimated prices for any of our other home improvements. It’s quick and simple to use, working smoothly on any device. Include exact specifications to get accurate final prices today.


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