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The Epping homeowner can choose from more than 80 different casement windows for your Essex home. These uPVC windows are one of the most popular windows styles installed in homes across Epping and Essex, offering the perfect match for every type of home. This window consists of two panes of glass that sit within a single frame. Through our casement windows,  you’ll increase the thermal performance, weatherproofing capabilities and security of your Epping home.

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Here are some benefits our Casement Windows will provide your Epping Home

Our casement windows will help to create a comfortable temperature within your Epping home year-round. The window range we offer is made with the Duraflex Diamond System. This system has the addition of the high performance Q-Lon weatherseal as standard.

The Q-Lon weatherseal of our casement windows works alongside the multi-chambered uPVC frame, breaking down pockets of warm air. This will keep warm air within your Essex home year-round, even in the cold winter months. As heat is trapped within your property, you’ll rely less on your central heating for warmth, which will lead to your energy bills to reduce. With less energy consumed within your property, the general carbon footprint of your Epping home will shrink.

The thermal performance is not the only benefit the Q-Lon weatherseal offers for our casement windows. This seal makes these uPVC windows fully watertight, eliminating the risk of cold draughts or dampness within your property. Even in the worst Essex weather, the comfort of your Epping home will not be disturbed. Our casement windows are of such a high quality, that unlike timber, the window will never bow, crack, twist, flake, warp or diminish in the overall quality, even after constant exposure to the elements.

Although looks are an important factor, security is the most important factor we consider for our casement windows. That’s why this window has been made to meet Secured by Design standards, fitted with an Espagnolette locking system and stainless steel friction hinges. The glazing within the window is internally glazed, preventing burglars from taking the window from the outside of your Epping home. The frame of the window is reinforced with steel, providing great levels of strength and rigidity.

The casement window can be fitted with other security features, such as lockable handles, Security Dog Bolts and enhanced locking systems. This will further improve the security of your Epping home. The casement windows we install meet BS7950 requirements and exceed ‘Enhance Resistance’ testing. By choosing Fitter Windows’ Casement windows for your Essex property, you’ll be investing in the best window.

Unlike the timber windows these look to replace, our casement windows won’t give the Epping homeowner any high maintenance headaches. Our windows will continue to retain their quality, even after constant exposure to the changeable Essex weather. The only maintenance required for these windows is to give them an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. This will maintain the good-as-new look for many years to come.

We appreciate there isn’t just one window to fit every Epping home. That’s why our Essex customers are put in complete control over getting a casement window to match their home. The casement windows we install come in a range of different finishes, such as Plain, Standard, Woodgrain, Prestige Woodgrain & Solid Colour. These foils have been applied using eco-friendly lamination, eliminating the use of hazardous solvents.

The Essex homeowner can also choose the handle of our casement windows, letting them match the window to the rest of their Essex property. You can choose from the standard white handle, gold, flint and black chrome options. For customers wanting to increase the security of this window further, the SAC Security Shootbolt System can be included within the design.

For customers looking to replace timber windows, Astragal & Georgian bars can be incorporated into the casement design. You can select our casement windows in several different shapes and incorporate various glass options. You’ll truly be able to get a uPVC window that’s been created especially for your home and stands out.

Customers that choose Fitter Windows for a new casement window will not just benefit from the finest quality window but from the best service. Our installers have been carrying out stand-out installations in properties across Epping, Essex, Kent and the south-east of England. We know the double glazing industry has a reputation for a hard sell, which is why we choose to offer the Essex homeowner a friendlier, fresher approach. When you buy our casement windows, you’ll be selecting the right window for your home, not the one we want you to have.

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