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The composite door we offer will make you pleased to welcome visitors to your Brentwood home. Although a door should offer great levels of thermal efficiency, security, low maintenance and more, it should also reflect your property’s style.

That’s why we offer a variety of different designs, in a range of colours. You can enjoy a door that truly reflect your personality and the style of your property.

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Here are the benefits our composite door will bring to your Brentwood home

Although a composite door should look good when installed in your Brentwood, it should also improve the comfort of your home.

Our composite door range has been manufactured to improve the thermal capabilities of your Essex home. The core of the door will trap in warm air, keeping it within your property for longer.

These doors are fitted with an airtight seal, making cold draughts and rain problems of the past. This means that the comfort of your home won’t be compromised.

As your property stays warmer for longer, your reliance on your central heating will reduce. Through this, you’ll save money on energy bills and reduce your property’s carbon footprint.

The thermal capabilities of your Brentwood home can be enhanced further, with optional double or triple glazing. This extra barrier traps heat within your home and adds an extra layer of security against uninvited visitors.

By choosing a Composite Door from Fitter Windows, the Brentwood customer can sleep peacefully knowing their property is protected. The strong door profile has been manufactured to withstand impact, providing solidity for your home.

We fit our doors with a high-quality locking system, providing a quality level of security across the whole for the frame. The added use of double glazing can further improve the general security of the door.

Through buying a new composite door, you’ll be investing in some of the finest security for your Essex home.

Although our composite range has been manufactured to replicate traditional timber, you won’t be blighted by the same issues that plagued that material.

Our doors are made with a variety of high-quality materials. Once this door is installed in your home, you won’t have to worry about warping, cracking, rotting, flaking, mould or twisting out of shape.

The robust door skin on our composite doors is completely weatherproof. This means you don’t need to worry about painting the door regularly. Our professional installation ensures you can enjoy a long-lasting door for your Brentwood home.

We appreciate that everyone will have a different idea of the perfect composite door for their Brentwood home. That’s why we offer our door in several different styles and colours, letting you fit it to your own specific tastes.

Our doors can be customised further with different furniture and hardware options, such as letterboxes, allowing you to add style to your home.

By choosing Fitter Windows for your new composite door, not only will you be getting an excellent product, but you’ll benefit from an excellent service. We’ve been providing our stand-out double glazing in homes across Brentwood, Essex, Kent & the south-east of England.

We understand that the double glazing industry can have a reputation for a hard sell, which is why we opt to offer our Brentwood customers a friendlier, fresher approach. That’s why when you buy a composite door, you’ll be buying the right door that will fit in perfectly with your home

Composite Door Prices Brentwood

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