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Our Chelmsford customers enjoy having three different aluminium doors to choose from for their homes. We use the RAUM aluminium profile to offer Entrance Doors, Patio Doors & Bifold Doors. This leading profile is known for not only looking the part but offering many benefits such as thermal efficiency, security and low maintenance. Each door is available in a variety of different colours and styles so you can get the perfect fit for your Chelmsford home.

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Here is our range of aluminium doors that we offer our Chelmsford customers and some of the benefits they provide

The RAUM Aluminium Entrance Door is an excellent way to make your Chelmsford home stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood. The modern aluminium profile used within the door doesn’t just look the part, it offers a variety of different benefits to the homeowner. We offer these doors in either a single or double panel fashion, Top or Side hung and Fixed Light.

The thermally broken system allows the door to achieve a high standard of thermal efficiency, delivering energy levels as low as 1.07 W/m2K. This means you can enjoy a comfortable temperature within your home year-round without worrying about draughts or water ingress compromising the comfort. In the long-term, you’ll start to rely less on your central heating, saving you money on your energy bills.

The security of your home will be at a high-level thanks to this door. Our aluminium entrance doors are not just strong because of the material we use. The addition of multi-point locking, which is hidden within the frame, secures your Chelmsford home further. These doors are so secure that they are Secured by Design and PAS24 accreditated as standard, giving you complete peace of mind that your family is safe.

Enjoy a seamless exit from your Chelmsford home to your garden with the RAUM Aluminium Patio Door. This door combines minimalist design with high performance to give you an excellent product. Despite the slimline frames, these aluminium doors are very durable, supporting the large glass panes and can withstand up to 400kg while still able to slide effortlessly. They are so secure that they are up to Secured by Design and PAS 24 standards.

The multi-configuration inline system of the door means that you’ll enjoy a leading thermal performance in your Chelmsford home. Not only will the large glass panels let in lots of natural light, helping to heat your home, but the aluminium profile breaks down and traps in pockets of warm air. Both work to keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. The performance is so good that they achieve U-values as low as 1.07 W/m2K.

Unlike other patio doors, this profile features the unique lift and slide functionality, giving it an edge over other systems. With greater flexibility, this system works in addition to the standard patio door, resulting in improved ease of use and better weatherproofing, thermal performance and security.

An Aluminium Bifold Door is becoming more popular in Chelmsford homes, giving you an effortless way to enter in and out of your home. The RAUM system is available in 38 different configurations across 4 different threshold options. These doors are available in width spans of 2.5m high and 7m wide, letting everyone enjoy your home.

Like the rest of our aluminium doors, the bifold doors are Secured by Design certified and tested to PAS24. The large glass areas and the intricate lock integration protects your Chelmsford home against any uninvited visitors.

Despite their large presence, often taking up a whole wall, you’ll enjoy an excellent level of thermal efficiency in your home. The chamfered and square bead profile options can provide U-values as low as 1.8 W/m2K, giving you a comfortable home year-round. You’ll be able to enjoy the panoramic views of your garden from the comfort of your home, even in the coldest of winters.

When you choose an aluminium door for your Chelmsford home, you want to be certain it fits in with the existing style and taste of your property. That’s why all our aluminium doors are available in a range of different colours. Each aluminium door is available in single or dual colour and anodised finishes, making it relatively simple to cater for different styles.

By using RAL, we can offer you more than 150 finishes for your aluminium door. The doors also come with a variety of handles and door furniture, so you can fit the door in perfectly with the rest of your home.

By choosing Fitter Windows for your new aluminium door, not only will you be getting an excellent product, but you’ll benefit from an excellent service. We’ve been providing our stand-out double glazing in homes across Chelmsford, Essex, Kent & the south-east of England.

We understand that the double glazing industry can have a reputation for a hard sell, which is why we opt to offer our Chelmsford customers a friendlier, fresher approach. That’s why when you buy a composite door, you’ll be buying the right door that will fit in perfectly with your home.

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