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A Year-Round Space

A new conservatory is an excellent way to not only add some extra space to your Chelmsford home but also increases its value. These glazed extensions can be used as a lounge, social space, dining room or playroom, providing a seamless connection from your home to your garden. Available in a variety of different styles, our conservatory range can fit every type of Chelmsford home.

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Here are the different types of conservatories we offer our Chelmsford customers

The Victorian Conservatory is one of the two traditional styles we offer and follows a multi-faceted design. The result is a pentagonal or hexagonal floorplan, allowing the maximum amount of light to flood into the room through the glass panels.

The Victorian conservatory is the perfect addition to any home, particularly period properties, as they maintain the period charm while providing a new social space for your Chelmsford family.

The other traditional conservatory design we offered is the Edwardian Conservatory which has been modified for the modern household. This design is incredibly easy to furnish and acts as the perfect space for a new dining room for your Chelmsford home.

When combined with our tiled roofs, this conservatory is the perfect renovation for an older property.

Lean-To Conservatories are perfect for smaller properties that don’t want to lose precious garden space. Nicknamed the Mediterranean Conservatory, this house extension comes with a slanted, low pitched roof, allowing them to be fitted to a bungalow as they will sit beneath the roofline. This conservatory will not look overbearing, even at the smallest of Chelmsford homes.

The Gable-End Conservatory provides the Chelmsford homeowner with eye-catching visuals and a touch of class.

This conservatory comes with steep, vaulted ceilings that are typically glazed and comes with a range of decorative design options. This allows plenty of light to flood the extension below.

The rectangular floor plan makes this space easy to furnish.

Chelmsford customers can also choose a bespoke conservatory. These conservatories are often T-Shaped or P-shaped extensions, constructed with two different conservatory styles next to each other.

Commonly, Edwardian or Victorian designs are chosen, and they are blended to form a multi-purpose and eye-catching focal point for your home.

Orangeries offer more privacy than a conservatory, blending brickwork with glazed panels. This house extension is an excellent alternative to conservatories, offering enhanced privacy levels and better thermal efficiency.

The brickwork can be matched to your home, enhancing the value & look of your property.

If you’ve got an existing conservatory that you want to enhance, or if you want to add the perfect finishing touch to an extension, then a new conservatory roof is ideal. We offer our Chelmsford customers three different types of conservatory roof, the Glazed Roof, Tiled Roof & Solid Roof.

The Glazed roof is a modern take on the old polycarbonate roof. The Ultraframe Classic Roof is a transparent roof made using double glazing. The glass allows for plenty of natural light to flood into your Chelmsford property, with solar glare technology preventing UV damage.

The Tiled Roof is a fantastic alternative to the glazed roof. This roof is better suited to older, classic properties, where the rustic tiles can blend into your Chelmsford home. Within the tile, glass roof panels can be installed to let light into your conservatory. The tile roof is easy to fit and can withstand strong winds.

The Solid Roof comprises of dark grey panels which deliver sleek & stylish aesthetics. These roofs come with glass ceiling panels that allow for natural light to flow into your extension. These panels are robust and weatherproof, easy to fit on any Chelmsford conservatory.

Quality You Can Trust

By choosing Fitter Windows for your new Conservatory, not only will you be getting an excellent product, but you’ll benefit from an excellent service. We’ve been providing our stand-out double glazing in homes across Chelmsford, Essex, Kent & the south-east of England. We understand that the double glazing industry can have a reputation for a hard sell, which is why we opt to offer our Chelmsford customers a friendlier, fresher approach. That’s why when you buy a composite door, you’ll be buying the right door for you that will fit in perfectly with your home.

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