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Conservatory Roofs Dartford

Conservatory roofs are one of the most important parts of a conservatory or extension. Whether you’re looking for the final touch to an new extension or want to breathe life into an old one, these products are perfect for the Dartford homeowner.  Fitter Windows installs three conservatory roofs in homes across Kent, the Glass Conservatory Roof, Tiled Conservatory Roof and Solid Conservatory Roof. Each style is designed using the market-leading Ultraframe profile, renowned for its quality.

Design Your Perfect Conservatory Roof

Glass Conservatory Roofs are one of the most popular styles installed across Dartford and has been for more than 30-years. Unlike older glass designs, these modern conservatory roofs are made with high quality glazing, eliminating the risk of a greenhouse effect. The glazing used within the design is made to be selective of the light that it lets into your property, providing a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Our Tiled Conservatory Roofs provide a great way of turning conservatories into extensions that you can use throughout the year. Unlike the glass roof, this style is created with rustic tiles that blend seamlessly into the architecture of your Dartford home. The light isn’t kept out of your extension, with the Dartford homeowner able to incorporate panels of glazing into the design. This lets you enjoy some of the benefits from the glass conservatory roof and will brighten up your extension.

Solid Conservatory Roofs provide the Dartford homeowner with the best of glass and polycarbonate roofing.  The dark grey panels are manufactured to offer a sleek and stylish aesthetic to your Kent home. As with the tiled roofs, our solid conservatory roofs can have glazing incorporated into the design, letting you pour light into your home. Unlike the polycarbonate roof this seeks to emulate, the homeowner won’t be deafened during heavy rain.

Competitive Conservatory Roof Prices Dartford

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Our Conservatory Roofs Will Offer these Benefits to the Dartford Homeowner

Our range of conservatory roofs allow the Dartford homeowner to do their bit for the environment. As we use the best materials within our roofs, it will create a comfortable temperature within your property year-round. Even in the coldest of Kent winters, you’ll enjoy natural warmth in your home. This will lead to the homeowner relying less upon their central heating, leading to lower energy bills and a reduction of your home’s carbon footprint.

As we use a modern design, our roofs won’t be prone to a greenhouse effect like older designs. Fitted with internal ventilation systems, your extension will remain cool in the warm seasons. This allows you to get an extension that can be enjoyed year-round.

Previously, conservatory roofs had a habit of allowing the elements into your property. If you choose our modern profile for your Dartford home, you’ll get a roof designed to cope with the weatherloads in your area. Trickle vents are incorporated into design, removing any built-up standing water. This will make damp spots and cold draughts issues of the past within your home.

When you purchase Fitter Windows’ conservatory roofs for your home, you’ll get one that complements your extension. These designs can match every type of Dartford property. The solid and tiled designs can have panels of glazing incorporated into the design, letting you flood your home with light.

The glazing panes are not the only customisable feature. Cornicicing can be attached to some of the roof designs, with several options available. The colour of the tiles of our conservatory roofs can also be selected.

As we use Ultraframe’s conservatory roofs, we offer a product that is quick and easy to install. The tiled and solid designs are made with click-fit frames, allowing them to be easily fitted onto existing frames. Each of these roofing options will only take a day or two to install, causing minimal disruption to the Dartford homeowner’s day-to-day life.

Although you may not be looking to move, our conservatory roofs will raise the value of your Dartford home. The solid, tiled and glass designs will make your home more appealing. The draw of extra space is a great way of pushing up the price.

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Quality Installations You Can Trust

By choosing one of our conservatory roofs, you’ll benefit from a quality product and excellent service. As an installer, Fitter Windows has gained a reputation for stand-out double glazing installations across Dartford, Kent, Essex and the south-east of England. Despite the industry having a reputation for a hard sell, our fresher, friendlier approach means you’ll get the best fit for your home.

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Conservatory Roof Prices Dartford

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