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A composite door from Fitter Windows is a great way of enhancing the security of your Epping and Essex home. We offer a range of composite doors that complement every type of property, such as modern, heritage, period and contemporary homes. Our composite doors are made from a range of different materials, offering the best of each to provide you with a high-security, weatherproof and warm door. To find out more about a composite door for your Essex home, get in touch today.

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These are the benefits you can expect composite doors to offer for your Epping home

A composite door from Fitter Windows will do more than just look good once installed in your home. Our composite doors will trap heat within your property, providing you with warm temperatures throughout the year, even in the cold winter months. The core of the door traps in pockets of warm air which will keep the heat in your property.

With the warmth staying in your home for longer through our composite doors, you’ll rely less on your central heating. This will lead to lower energy bills and a reduction of your property’s carbon footprint. The thermal capabilities of your Epping home can be enhanced further through the use of a double or triple glazing pane. This adds an additional barrier to trap heat within your home, providing you with an extra layer of security against uninvited visitors.

Despite looking like a traditional timber door, this door also offers great protection against the changeable elements. Our composite doors are fitted with an airtight seal. This makes problems such as damp and cold draughts issues of the past.

The sturdiness of composite as a material will help to protect your home against modern burglary techniques. The profile of the door can withstand impact and provide solidity to your home. As with all our doors, our composite doors are fitted with a high-quality multi-point locking system across the whole of the frame, and panes of glazing help to increase the security level. By choosing composite doors from Fitter Windows, you’ll invest in some of the best security for your Essex home.

Despite the composite door looking like a traditional wooden door, you won’t be affected by the same high maintenance issues. As we use several high-quality materials in our composite doors, you’ll enjoy only the benefits of each. After the installation in your home, issues such as warping, cracking, twisting, flaking and rotting after constant exposure to the weather will be issues of the past. Our robust door skin is completely weatherproof and will maintain its quality even after constant exposure.

You won’t ever have to repaint our composite doors. Our team carries out installations to the highest of standards. That’s why you’ll enjoy a long-lasting quality composite door for your Epping home.

Every Epping homeowner will have a different idea on what styles and tastes will suit them. When you pick our composite doors, chances are you’ll have a specific colour scheme in mind. That’s why when you buy a door from Fitter, you’ll be put in complete control on choosing the right door for your home. Our composite doors can be customised further with a range of furniture and hardware options, such as letterboxes, giving you the ideal door for your property.

In choosing Fitter Windows for your door or double glazing, you’ll benefit from a quality product that’s matched by a quality service. Customers across Epping, Essex, Kent, East London and the south-east of England get to benefit from our quality composite doors. As the double glazing industry has a reputation for the hard sell, we opt to offer our customers a friendlier, fresher approach. That’s why when you buy our composite doors, you’re buying a door that will fit in perfectly with your home.

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Composite Door Prices Epping

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