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Our patio doors offer the perfect way to connect your Romford home to your garden. This uPVC door is a popular choice with the London homeowner as it offers an excellent space-saving solution. Unlike other back doors, these doors open by sliding side-to-side instead of swinging in or out. This makes it the perfect back door for properties with limited space and lets the homeowner make the most of the room they have available.

The patio door operates on an efficient sliding mechanism, with the rollers offering many years of quality use. Through having large panes of glazing, you can enjoy panoramic views of your Romford garden year-round through our patio doors. These doors are perfect for London homeowners with young children or pets, allowing them to keep a watchful eye on their loved ones from the comfort of indoors.

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Here are some of the benefits our patio doors will offer the Romford homeowner

Our patio doors are designed with security in mind and will protect your Romford home from modern burglary methods. We use multi-point locking across each of the panes. This eliminates any potential weak spots that could be exploited by would-be intruders looking to gain entry to your property.

The locks of our patio doors work alongside the frame and the double glazing panes to offer a high-level of security. For extra strength, the frame is reinforced with steel, and the doors are fitted with anti-lift security sections. This prevents intruders from being able to lift the panes off the rollers and gain access to your Romford home.

We fit each of our patio doors with a market-leading weatherseal. This will help maintain the comfort of your Romford hope, stopping water ingress or cold draughts from entering. This door is the perfect upgrade to old wood or timber profiles and will continue to retain its quality, even after regular exposure to the elements.

The uPVC and aluminium frame of our patio doors will not bow, warp, crack, rot or twist due to the weather. We imbue the colour into the profile, so it won’t require repainting. Steel tandem rollers will prevent the door from becoming sticky or jarred. All the Romford homeowner has to do to maintain the quality of the door is to give it an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.

The aluminium and uPVC profiles we use for our patio doors are designed to improve the thermal performance of your Romford home. The uPVC style uses the Duraflex Diamon System and includes the high-performance Q-Lon weatherseal. Both work to trap in pockets of warm air, creating a comfortable temperature within your property year-round.

Even in the coldest London winters, your property will retain its heat through our patio doors. As your home stays warmer for longer, you’ll start to rely less upon your central heating for warmth. This will lead to lower energy bills and help shrink the carbon footprint of your property.

We know that every Romford home is different, which is why we offer patio doors that will complement your property. These doors can be customised in a variety of configuration options, with the number of panes customisable to your home. For small homes, the customisable pane number is ideal, allowing you to make the most of the space you have available.

You can also customise your patio doors in a range of outer frame finishes, with colour and woodgrain foil options available. If you’re looking to replace wooden doors, a woodgrain foil is a perfect way to maintain the classic look. Or you can opt for a bolder colour that makes your home stand out. We apply the foil using eco-friendly lamination and hazardous solvents are avoided, offering lasting colour.

Even the handles of our patio doors can be customised. The lockable handles come in white, black, gold, chrome and satin silver. Optional low thresholds can be selected, offering easy access for pushchair and wheelchair users.

Through choosing Fitter Windows for your patio doors, you can have complete peace of mind you’re getting a quality product that lasts. We only use the best profile and match our product quality with a great level of customer service. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales and will listen to the needs of the homeowner.

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