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For homeowners that want more space but cannot afford to move from their Sawbridgeworth property, our conservatories are the perfect solution. Fitter Windows installs a range of conservatory styles that complement every type of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, Harlow or Essex home. We install the market-leading Ultraframe profile, a profile that is thoroughly tested and renowned for its quality. Whether you choose to use it as a garden room, somewhere for storage, or a home office, that’s entirely up to you.

In the design of our conservatories, we incorporate our quality uPVC and aluminium windows and doors. Through this, you can expect to enjoy all the benefits associated with these products, such as security, weatherproofing, thermal performance and the general look. Our Hertfordshire customers are put in complete control of finding the best extension, letting you match our conservatories to the rest of your property.

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We currently fit these conservatory styles in homes across Sawbridgeworth & Hertfordshire

One of the most popular conservatories that we fit in homes across Sawbridgeworth and Hertfordshire is the Victorian conservatory. This design takes its influence from the architecture of that era and built with multi-facets, with a hexagonal or pentagonal floor plane. Despite taking its inspiration from a specific period, the Victorian conservatory perfectly suits every type of home. These extensions will help to retain the traditional charm and character of older properties and add it to new builds.

The other conservatory we install that is inspired by tradition is the Edwardian conservatory. As with our Victorian Conservatories, this extension can be designed to match any Sawbridgeworth property. The rectangular floorplan means you can easily position furniture within this space. You’ll be able to increase the character of your home further with a tiled conservatory roof, which helps this extension to blend seamlessly into the architecture of your property.


Add a taste of the Mediterranean to your Sawbridgeworth home through our Lean-To Conservatories. This extension is perfect for Hertfordshire properties where there is limited space, with the conservatory made with a slanted, low-pitched roof. This will allow the conservatory to be easily installed at smaller properties, such as bungalows, where it will sit beneath the roofline. Even in smaller homes, these extensions are not overbearing.

Gable-End Conservatories offer an eye-catching design that is unlike our other conservatory styles. The steep, vaulted ceilings and generous panes of glazing let you flood your Sawbridgeworth home with light, creating an illusion of more space. Our Gable-End Conservatories are designed with a rectangular floorplan, which makes them easy to furnish. Decorative features can be included in the design, letting you add further character.

The conservatory designs above aren’t always suited to every Sawbridgeworth property. That’s why we give our customers the option of our bespoke conservatories, which will typically create a T or a P shape. Unlike the other conservatories, the bespoke design can incorporate more than one style, such as the Victorian or Edwardian, to create the extension.

Bespoke conservatories let the Hertfordshire homeowner enjoy two multi-purpose spaces for their property. You can add two brand new living areas which can be used for several different reasons. These conservatories are perfect for family homes where space is always a requirement.

For our Sawbridgeworth customers who want more of a year-round space, our orangeries are a great alternative to conservatories. This extension is designed mainly with brick, and unlike the uPVC frames, will blend seamlessly into the build of your Hertfordshire property. You can increase the general value, thermal performance and security of your home.

Our orangeries are designed to give you more of an extension than our standard conservatories. This space is made bespoke for your Hertfordshire property and it is up to you what you want to do with the available space. Fitter Windows customers who have previously selected an orangery have used it as a new kitchen area, dining space, lounge and places to enjoy their garden.

Design The Perfect Roof for Your Conservatory

For Sawbridgeworth customers looking to breathe life back into old conservatories, or they want to make full use of a brand new space, we install a range of conservatory roofs. The conservatory roof, instead of the standard glazing design, will transform your conservatory into a space that can be used year-round. We fit the Glazed Roof, Tiled Roof and Solid Roof, each of which offers a range of features and benefits.

Glazed conservatory roofs boast a design that has been a popular feature on conservatories for more than decades. We fit the Ultraframe Classic Roof, a transparent roof design which helps will reduce the greenhouse effect old conservatories experience. The system is made with solar glare technology, with the modern panes of glazing help to regulate the temperature within the space.

Tiled roofs provide a great way of transforming a conservatory into an extension. The tiled roof blends seamlessly into the architecture of your property, which will maintain the character and look. We install the Ultraroof profile, a lightweight design which can be easily installed onto existing window and door frames.

The Solid Roof is created with dark grey panels, which creates a sleek and stylish look to your conservatory. This profile offers the best of glazed and polycarbonate roofing. Due to this, you’ll enjoy a space that can be used fully throughout the year.

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