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For many years, our range of uPVC Doors has been popular with homeowners across Sidcup and London. We use an industry-leading uPVC profile for all our doors that will offer a quality performance for your property. Our doors utilise the best materials and modern manufacturing techniques, guaranteeing many years of satisfaction within your home.

Securing Your Home

We make sure all our uPVC doors are rigorously tested before installation, ensuring your Sidcup home is protected from modern burglary methods. As well as keeping uninvited guests out, our uPVC doors will keep out the changeable London weather. These doors are fitted with industry-leading weather seals that work alongside the reinforced double glazing to ensure your home is fully protected against the weather.

Through investing in our uPVC doors for your Sidcup home, you’ll improve the value of your property. These doors offer exceptional thermal capabilities due to the multi-chambered uPVC profile. Pockets of warm air are trapped within your home, providing comfortable temperatures throughout the year. This means you can rely less upon your central heating to warm your property, leading to lower energy bills and a reduction in your home’s carbon footprint.

Competitive uPVC Door Prices

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We currently fit the following uPVC Doors in Sidcup

You’ll be able to make the perfect entrance to your Sidcup home with our range of uPVC Front Doors. These uPVC doors are extremely strong and durable. This door will help set the right impression to those visiting your London home and will never warp, bow, rot, crack, twist or need repainting.

We want our Sidcup customers to celebrate their style. That’s why we offer a range of uPVC Doors that can be fully customised to suit your home. Our uPVC Front doors feature high-quality locking systems, removing any potential weak spots that can be exploited by would-be intruders.

The thermal performance these doors provide will help save you money on energy bills. Through using a modern uPVC profile, our uPVC doors work alongside the panes of glazing to trap in pockets of warm air. This will offer a comfortable temperature year-round, reducing your reliance upon central heating. As you use less heating, you’ll save money on your energy bills and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Although it’s important to secure the entrance to your home, it’s equally important to secure the back. That’s why we offer the Sidcup homeowner our quality uPVC Back Doors. Created with our uPVC profile, these uPVC doors will increase the security, heat retention and weatherproofing capabilities of your property. The state-of-the-art locking is fitted across the door, providing protection against modern burglary methods.

Our multi-chambered profile adds excellent rigidity and strength. The panes of glazing that can be fitted within these uPVC doors lets you flood your home with light. This means you can take in the changing colours of your garden year-round.

Add a taste of France to your Sidcup home with our uPVC French Doors. These double uPVC doors can be installed in several areas within your home. Whether you use them to connect your property to your garden, to divide rooms, or to connect to a conservatory, that’s up to you. The durable uPVC profile allows these doors to be designed to match the decor of your home.

Unlike other back door designs, our French doors allow for easy access to your property. The optional low threshold allow for Sidcup homeowners with pushchairs or wheelchairs to access their home. With the best locking fitted, you can have complete confidence your home is protected.

Create a seamless connection from your home to your garden with our uPVC Patio Doors. These uPVC doors are the perfect addition to any Sidcup home, with the large area of glazing offering panoramic views of your garden. Ideal for homeowners with young children or pets, they can keep a watchful eye on their loved ones from the comfort of indoors. The customisable panes and the fact this door doesn’t open inwards or outwards makes this door perfect for properties with little space.

Flood your home with light through our uPVC Bifold Doors. The slimmer frames accommodate large panes of glazing, providing panoramic views of the outside. When closed, you can enjoy a whole wall of glass. When open, you get excellent ventilation for your property.

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