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Solid Colour Doors from Fitter Windows

If you’re looking to make a statement with your home’s entranceway, then look no further than our solid colour range. Whether it be a calming green, a strong red or a blissful blue, we have the colour that best reflects your personality. As home design moves away from traditional timber and white uPVC looks, the opportunities are endless for the modern homeowner to express their personality.

A Brand New Door that Reflects your Personality

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A colour known for its connotations of passion and ferocity, red naturally draws the eye and is perfect for the homeowner looking to make a statement with their front door. Red stands out from its surroundings and communicates your personality to the world. The colour has natural versatility and can be tempered depending on the shade. A bright red shouts out of your house, letting everyone know what you’re about. The less intense, darker reds are calmer and more mysterious. Whatever your affinity with the colour red is, we’re sure to have a shade that will suit you.

red front door
green front door


A calming and subtle colour associated with life, renewal and growth, green is for the homeowner who wants to communicate safety and security. Green front doors settle into their surroundings comfortably, not demanding attention. They instead remain aesthetically pleasing and unique to those whose eyes glaze over them. Designers have always used greens with other soothing colours to create a refreshing effect for the home. The homeowner who views their house as a place of rest and recovery would do well to have a green door to welcome them on entrance. Available in several shades, green is an adaptable colour and a functional one. A deep green communicates sophistication, whereas a paler green communicates welcoming. We’re sure to have the shade you’re looking for, whatever your preference.


Considered the new black by some interior designers, blue offers a wealth of opportunities for communicating serenity, relaxation and peace. A deceptively intense colour, blue, has been used for centuries to communicate feelings of openness and patience. Blue doesn’t stand out like red or even green, but that is part of the appeal. For homeowners looking for a subtle feeling to their front door, blue is the way to go.

Blue front door

Exceptional Durability and Weather Resistance

No matter the material or colour, all of our doors are weather-resistant and exceptionally durable. Capable of retaining their colour for a long time, you can be assured that your doors will look as good as the day you bought them for years to come. Modern innovations across uPVC, aluminium and composite doors have enhanced the weather-resistant properties of all materials, allowing them to require less maintenance across their lifespan. No matter the colour you choose, your Fitter Windows door will hold its distinctive look regardless of the weather conditions around your home.

Solid Door Colours Harlow & Essex

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