3 signs that your uPVC back door isn’t secure enough

Fitter Windows is a security conscious home improvement and double-glazing installer. We strive to make sure that all of our products are as secure as they can be for your peace of mind. If you’ve missed our recent posts on the security of front doors and the security of patio doors, then you might be interested in reading those too!

This time we’ll be covering the security of back doors and signs that yours might not be secure. A back door is arguably the most important entrance to your home as perpetrators of burglary enter through a door roughly 70% of the time.

Door mechanisms jamming

One of the most obvious signs that your back door isn’t as secure as it should be is when things like the handle aren’t functioning as they should. If you find yourself in this situation then it’s imperative that you resolve the issue, otherwise it will be remarkably easy for an ill-intentioned intruder to gain access to your home.

Most of the time, these kinds of problems can be solved by replacing the door’s gearbox. Many uPVC doors have their own unique gearboxes, so you’ll have to ask industry experts or do some research online to know what kind of gearbox you need to buy.

uPVC door has dropped

Back doorSometimes a uPVC door can ‘drop’, which, as the term suggests, means the door is slightly out of position and therefore ends up misaligning and means the door is difficult to open. You might be wondering why this could be considered a security risk if it means the door is hard to open, but all it takes is someone to survey your home and see you don’t take as much care as you could when it comes to your home security and they’ll see your house as an easy picking.

Luckily, fixing a dropped uPVC door is relatively simple thing to do, it just requires some slight adjusting, but modern uPVC doors are designed to be easily adjustable. Dropped doors typically require the hinges to be loosened so the door can be lifted again and then tightened.

Faulty uPVC lock

Perhaps the biggest issue that can arise when it comes to the security of a uPVC back door is the lock not functioning as it should. If you can’t even lock your own door, you may as well not have a door there at all. Many doors in the UK make use of the Euro cylinder and if your door was made with a particularly cheap model then it can easily run into issues. This is a simple replacement job.

Replacement uPVC back door

If you’ve found yourself experiencing just one of these issues, or perhaps something similar with your uPVC back door, it might be time to think about getting a replacement. Doors that begin to falter and fail are more likely to run into issues again in the future, even after replacements or repairs. This is why you should choose a strong, sturdy, and reliable uPVC replacement back door from Fitter Windows.

Fitter Windows

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