Are uPVC windows flammable? The answer to this and other uPVC myths

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uPVC windows are increasingly common amongst all forms of buildings thanks to both their sturdiness and thermally efficient properties. Of course, with anything that gets popular, there’s always some misinformation floating about that picks up steam and before long it’s a common misconception among many. In the case of uPVC windows, there’s a fair number of untrue claims and accusations, some more damaging than others.

Are uPVC windows flammable?

Perhaps one of the biggest myths about uPVC windows is that they’re flammable, meaning they catch fire with ease. This couldn’t be further from the truth, uPVC as a material acts as a fire retardant, which means it’s not readily susceptible to fire.

Is uPVC bad for the environment?

Decorative-horn-windowsWith the risk of global warming, it’s only natural that people have become more environmentally conscious, unfortunately though, some of these efforts are misguided. Many people think uPVC isn’t a sustainable material, but this isn’t true as it’s actually massively recyclable. There’s also the added benefit of knowing no trees were cut down to make your window and because of the added insulation the windows provide you, you’ll be spending less money on fossil fuel energy production.

Are uPVC windows weak?

Some people think that uPVC windows aren’t very strong and are prone to breaking and home intrusions. This isn’t the case, uPVC is a material that’s designed to be both durable and sturdy. One of the main reasons uPVC is so popular these days is because of the security it provides. Our uPVC windows come with high-quality locking mechanisms to give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your home.

Are uPVC windows more susceptible to condensation?

LeadsFor whatever reason, there’s also a belief that uPVC windows are more prone to condensation than say, timber or aluminium. This claim is unfounded as all windows are prone to condensation no matter what material the frames are made from. Condensation is actually a sign your windows are doing their job as it’s caused by a difference in temperature between the air and the window pane. If a window installation is faulty, condensation can become more of a problem, which is why you should ensure you get your uPVC windows fitted by Fitter Windows for a professional installation.

Are uPVC windows expensive?

uPVC windows are some of the most affordable windows on the market. On average, uPVC windows are cheaper than other materials like timber or aluminium. This isn’t to say they’re worth less as you still get incredible style, security, and thermal efficiency.

Do uPVC windows require a lot of maintenance?

Bay & Bow WindowsIt’s not unheard of for a window to need regular or occasional maintenance, some types of windows needing it more than others. uPVC windows will never need repainting and unlike the uPVC products of years ago, they won’t yellow thanks to improvements in construction.

Fitter Windows

At Fitter Windows, we install a wide variety of windows, including uPVC, timber, and aluminium, all with their own benefits and styles. We also offer doors, conservatories, and orangeries. All our products are installed with care by our team of professionals. For more information, contact us today or browse our website.

Nicola VaughanAre uPVC windows flammable? The answer to this and other uPVC myths

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