Which Style of Window works Best for Ventilation

With summer having officially arrived, we’re swinging our windows open to let the fresh air in and keeping our homes from becoming too warm. With modern home innovations, we have the most thermally efficient windows and doors that we have ever had. This is great for keeping our homes warm in the winter and keeping our energy costs down. However, it can pose problems ensuring ventilation during the summer.

All homes require a base level of ventilation that the government mandates in accordance with the building regulations. The majority of new windows are now fitted with trickle vents. You probably already have them. They’re the little slots at the top of the window you can flick open to give your home constant airflow. If you don’t have them yet, any new windows you have installed will likely have them built-in already. You don’t have to open them, but they give the home a level of ventilation throughout the winter when we tend to keep the whole window closed due to the temperature. 

The various styles of windows on offer have also increased just as much as the thermal efficiency has! Here at Fitter, we offer several different types of windows, depending on the client’s preferences and needs. Today we wanted to look at ventilation and how that fits into the various styles that we provide so that you can make an informed decision about which window is going to be best for ventilation in your home.

Casement Window

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First up is the traditional casement window. The casement window has become a standard in the UK home. Traditional buildings and heritage properties tend to feature old sliding sash windows that you put up and have to hope they don’t come crashing down unexpectedly. Modern properties don’t really have to worry about that anymore, luckily! 

The casement window showed up at around the same time that double glazing and uPVC started taking over the market. If you’re not sure what it is from the name, you’d definitely know it by sight alone. The casement window tends to feature two windows as part of one installation with the handles to open them on the inside and the hinges on the outer part of the frame. The windows will then open outwards. Some casement window installations will come with a smaller window that tilts outwards at the top of one side instead of having two larger openings.

Casement windows rank pretty highly on our ventilation scale, especially the variety that comes with the smaller window at the top. The smaller window provides the option for a tiny opening that promotes a funnel of cool air to enter the home. The larger window openings also promote this, but they can also cause the home to become cold due to the size of the gap. Furthermore, opening these windows up invites insects because of how much room they have to manoeuvre into the home.

As a standard for the British home, casement windows provide pretty good ventilation but are not quite the best we’ll be featuring today.

Modern Sash Windows

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The modern sash window is a dramatic improvement on this traditional heritage piece. Older designs of this window would dramatically shut often, especially if they haven’t been replaced recently. Our sash windows feature no such issue. Modern design techniques allow these windows to perform up to standard while retaining that period aesthetic.

Sash windows have very good ventilation due to their control over how much they open the window. With our modern sash windows, we have incorporated a tilt function that allows them to tilt inwards instead of sliding all the way up, although that is an option too! With the tilt function, you can create a gap that funnels air like the small window on the casement does. This also doubles up as an easy cleaning option to ensure your new installation looks excellent throughout its entire life cycle.

Tilt and Turn

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However, the absolute best option for ventilation in the home has got to be the modern tilt and turn window. uPVC tilt and turn windows are among the most modern innovations in the home improvement market, and they have been designed solely with functionality in mind.

Tilt and turn operate on the mechanism that gives them their namesake. By turning the handle at particular angles, you can move the window in either a tilting fashion or a turning fashion. The tilt works as a kind of easy-open vent. It doesn’t open very far, but it’s perfect as a semi-permanent way to keep airflow coming into the house. Alternatively, you can set the handle to open the window and the vertical hinges and pull the window inside to create a massive opening that allows huge amounts of air in!

The tilt and turn window is a great addition to any home that wants more control over the ventilation in the house. The versatility provides exceptional airflow throughout the day at completely bespoke levels, depending on what you’re looking for!


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So, whilst all of our modern windows promote ventilation throughout the home, our tilt and turn windows are absolutely the best option for the modern home. The versatility of controlling just how much air is going to come into the home is the functional positive of having a tilt and turn window installed in your home.

If you’re interested in any of our ventilation promoting modern windows, please use our online pricing tool to get a quick and free quote today! Furthermore, if you have any specific questions for us here at Fitter, we’re happy to answer them through our online contact form or on our phone lines at 01279 799818. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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