How much do windows cost in the UK in 2019?

It goes without saying that windows are a necessary purchase in life. Every home needs them to let in light and keep you warm, so at some point in your life, you’ll definitely find yourself browsing the many kinds of windows that are available in pursuit of ones that cater to your needs and home the best. During your browsing, you might notice that it’s very rare to see prices stated in plain view for you to compare and that can seem inconvenient but there is, in fact, a good reason for this.

How much do windows cost?

British CurrencyIt would be impossible to just give a specific price to attach to all windows without it being false advertising, which is why the quote system exists. Typically, a quote is a specific price given to an interested party after they provide the home improvement company with the details of the product they’re looking to have installed. If you’re curious, why not get a quote from us?

There’s a lot of variety available when it comes to windows, with varying materials and installation requirements that can affect the end price. It’s not uncommon for a surveyor to come to your house to see the style and design of your property, which helps them decide how the price is affected by the difficulty or ease of the installation itself.

The cost of uPVC windows vs the cost of timber windows

Window LeadsIf you’re looking for a general price range based on the material of the window you’re after, it’s useful to compare the various materials as some are generally more expensive than others. When it comes to uPVC and timber, you’ll be spending less upfront money if you opt for uPVC.

Timber windows tend to be significantly more expensive than their uPVC counterpart for a number of reasons, these include the fact that it’s made from a renewable source and there are rules and regulations surrounding the acquisition of timber. Timber windows are also harder to manufacture and there are many demands for timber windows to be built bespoke, meaning designed specifically to an individual’s request, which means they can’t be mass produced. Whilst this is good for those that are trying to spend less, it should be noted that timber windows boost the value of your property significantly more than uPVC windows.

The cost of uPVC windows vs the cost of aluminium windows

Aluminium WindowsAluminium windows are normally cheaper than timber windows but they’re still more expensive than uPVC. This means that uPVC windows are the cheapest overall option but have a good lifespan. Aluminium windows tend to cost more thanks to the higher cost of materials and manufacturing, but you might end up saving more money in the grander scheme of things as aluminium typically takes longer to degrade than uPVC.

Does the style of a window affect the cost?

Apart from the materials used, you might be wondering if the style of the window (such as whether it’s casement or sash etc) affects the price as well. To put it simply, yes. Not all types of windows require the same amount of materials, effort, and time to install so there’s definitely some differences when it comes down to pricing. It’s useful to do some research into the many kinds of windows available, which is why we have informative pages for every kind of window we offer.

Fitter Windows

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