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Wood Effect Front Doors from Fitter Windows

The timber effect door proves that tradition never goes out of fashion. The timber door has always been an industry standard for the entranceway to the home. As modern innovations in technology have allowed other materials to become popular options for homeowners, we still want our customers to have the opportunity to have that classic look to their home, regardless of the material they choose. As a result, we’re happy to offer several different wood effect colours for your front door, so you can have the material of your choice with that classic style you’re after.

A Classic Feature for the Home

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Oak front doors provide a lighter brown to the alternatives. Generally considered to provide the friendliest entranceway, a light brown communicates a nurturing safety to those who enter and a nostalgic feeling for those who grew up in the late 60s and 70s. This front door colour is subtle and welcoming and is perfect for the homeowner who wants to tell the world that their home is a place of warm security that has never gone out of fashion.

oak front door


The darker of the browns, walnut front doors build on the traditional aesthetic of oak and add a touch of sophistication. A subtle statement of class, this dark brown front door provides a cosy entranceway that warms the soul of those who passes it. Tradition rarely goes out of style, and it doesn’t get more traditional than the dark brown front door. For homeowners looking to go back to their roots, the Walnut door is for you.


The front door that says something, Rosewood adds a touch of deep red to the dark brown colour scheme. This front door conjures images of wine and fireplaces and all that comes along with those images. Homeowners who want to bend tradition to their personality need look no further than Rosewood.

rosewood front door

Exceptional Durability and Weather Resistance

Modern innovations have ensured that no matter which material you choose, whether uPVC, aluminium or composite, your door will retain its distinctive colour for years to come. Black doors are well regarded for requiring low maintenance across their lifespan, but our grey front doors are exceptionally durable and weather resistant. No matter the weather conditions around your home, you can be assured that a front door from fitter windows will keep its profile and look as good as the day you bought it for years to come.

Grey Composite Door Essex & Kent

Traditional Wood Effect Doors, Harlow & Essex

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