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uPVC Doors Maidstone

If you’re looking to replace old timber or wooden doors in your Maidstone home, our uPVC doors offer the perfect upgrade. We use a modern uPVC profile that will offer a range of benefits to your Kent home. This includes modern security, energy efficient design, weatherproofing and more.

21st-Century Protection for Your Maidstone Home

Security is something we take very seriously as an installer. That’s why we only offer uPVC doors that have been rigorously tested to protect your Maidstone home from modern burglary methods. Many of our doors are fitted with multi-point locking as standard, removing any potential weak spots that can be exploited. The reinforced double glazing helps to provide a high level of security across the whole of the frame.

All our uPVC doors will help to save the Maidstone homeowner money on their energy bills. The multi-chambered profiles work alongside the glazing panes to trap in pockets of warm air. Even in the cold winter months, you’ll enjoy natural heat. This will lead to you relying less on your central heating, reducing your energy bills and your home’s carbon footprint.

Competitive uPVC Door Prices in Maidstone

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We currently fit the following uPVC Doors in Maidstone

Make your Maidstone home stand out from the rest of the street with our range of uPVC Front Doors. These doors can be customised in a range of colour and woodgrain foils, matching the style and decor of your Kent property. Even furniture such as letterboxes, knockers and the glazing within the door can be customised.

As with all our uPVC doors, you’ll protect your Maidstone home from modern burglary methods. Multi-point locking is installed across the door, removing any potential weak spots that could be exploited. We also keep out the changeable Kent weather, with the Q-Lon weatherseals and profiles keeping out cold draughts and damp.

The multi-chambered profile of our uPVC front doors will trap in pockets of warm air. This will help to create a comfortable temperature within your Maidstone home year-round, even in the cold winter months. As you rely less upon your central heating, you’ll lower your energy bills and your home’s carbon footprint.

The front of your home shouldn’t be the only entrance that is protected. One of the uPVC doors we can install is the uPVC Back Door. This product performs the same as our front doors, securing your home and trapping in heat.

We use multi-point locking across the frame. This means you will have the very best protection on the front and back of your house. Designed to match the rest of our uPVC windows, our uPVC doors fit seamlessly into your Kent property.

Bring a taste of France to your Maidstone home with our uPVC French Doors. You can get this door installed throughout your home. Whether you want to connect your Kent home to your garden, to a conservatory, or to divide rooms, that’s up to you.

These uPVC doors are different to other back door designs, allowing for easy access. Option low threshold options make this door ideal for homeowners looking for wheelchair or pushchair access to their property. The floating mullion means when open, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden.

You’ll be able to create a seamless connection between your home and your garden with our range of uPVC Patio Doors. These uPVC doors fit perfectly into any Maidstone home, with the number of glazing panes customised to your needs. Unlike other uPVC doors, the patio design operates on owners and opens side-to-side. As the door doesn’t open inwards, this makes these doors ideal for homes where space is limited and lets you make full use of the space you have.

These uPVC doors are a great way of flooding your Maidstone home with light. The uPVC frame can accommodate large panes of glazing. This will allow for you to enjoy panoramic views of your Kent property throughout the year from the comfort of indoors.

Quality Guaranteed

Fitter Windows has built a reputation for offering quality uPVC door installations in homes across Maidstone & Kent. Unlike other companies, we don’t believe in high-pressure selling techniques, listing to the needs of our customers. By choosing Fitter, you’ll get a quality product that is matched by the highest level of customer service.

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uPVC Door Prices Maidstone

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