Is Triple Glazing Worth it?

Triple glazing is the modern innovation that looks to usurp double glazing as the standard for installations across the home. Double glazing became standard back in the 1980s, and the introduction of uPVC as old single glazing timber installations were quickly becoming obsolete and notorious for their leaking heat.

The introduction of double glazing brought a kind of revolution in the home improvement business and commercial renovations. It is increasingly rare to find homes that still have single glazing installed. Back in the 1970s, only 8% of homes in the UK had double glazing. Fifty years later, 93% of homes have had the improvement made, with many more every day making the switch.

Triple glazing is the natural next step from double glazing. Moving from two panes of glass to three makes logical sense and promises a 50% improvement in all areas. However, with so many homes still to make the jump up to double glazing, and the obvious price hike that comes with installing triple glazing, is it worth making the jump up now? Here at Fitter Windows, we will endeavour to answer that for you!

Double Glazing – Still Worth it?

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Before we break down whether triple glazing is worth it for the modern homeowner, let’s focus on whether double glazing is still a viable option for our houses and commercial spaces. Modern double glazing installations feature two panes of glass around 4mm thick each. The gap between the panes of glass is usually between 6mm to 20mm, with 12mm being the average for most installations. That nets an average thickness of around 20mm to 24mm, a massive jump from the 4mm thick single glazing installation.

The gap is the key part of a double glazing installation and is where most of the work gets done. The gap will be filled with an insulating gas, most often argon, that keeps heat from escaping through the window and keeps heat out when it is too hot outside. The gap also doubles up as a tool for noise reduction. Depending on the quality of the installation, double glazing will reduce sound by around 20-65%. As higher-quality installations come down in price as double glazing becomes ever more common, it is much easier to get your hands on a quality installation, ensuring you get the best of what double glazing can offer.

Double glazing is still a wonderful addition to any home. Having your current double glazing upgraded is a worthwhile investment to ensure that your home operates at the highest standard possible. Modern double glazing installations go anywhere from £200 to £2000 depending on the size and the material of the frames. You can also customise certain elements of your double glazing, including making the gap between the glass bigger, which improves the performance in all areas. Double glazing remains a great option for the modern homeowner, so why upgrade to triple glazing?

Triple Glazing – Worth the Upgrade?


Well, triple glazing does improve massively on double glazing in every area. It would be a surprise if it didn’t, considering with one extra pane of glass, you also get one extra insulating gap. Again, like with double glazing, the insulating gaps are where most of the work is put in by a triple glazing installation. Thermal efficiency is measured in U-values. The lower the value, the better insulated your home is. With double glazing, the average U-value is around 1.5, which is very low considering single glazing is 5.8. With triple glazing, the average is 0.6! Triple glazing is also only allowed to be installed with a maximum U-value of 0.8, so you are guaranteed to have better thermal insulation in your home with triple glazing. 

Similarly, noise reduction is drastically improved from double glazing to triple glazing. Double glazing boasts a reduction of 35dB in your home, which turns conservation held just outside the window at normal speaking levels to just barely a whisper. On the other hand, Triple glazing boasts a reduction of around 54dB! That would make the same conversation just outside the window quieter than the volume of someone breathing in the same room. The improvement is massive and can’t be understated.

However, the price jump is significant at around 20% on average for an equivalent installation. That doesn’t mean that the price makes triple glazing not worth it, though. Across the board, you’re looking at a 50% increase in performance for a 20% increase in price, which mathematically works out as being worth it.


Triple glazing is worth it! If you are willing to put the extra money down, you’ll be making a very smart investment. Triple glazing will likely become the standard across UK homes before too long, and therefore it might be worthwhile making a head start on the trend and getting in early. You’ll also be drastically increasing the value of your home by going with triple glazing.

That doesn’t mean that double glazing is obsolete just yet. The vast majority of quality installations of double glazing do more than enough to meet the modern home’s needs for energy efficiency, noise reduction and security and at an affordable price too!

If you’re interested in a quote for double glazing or triple glazing, you can get one right here from Fitter Windows! With our quick and easy to use online pricing tool, you can get an accurate, no-obligation quote within minutes. We’re also available to answer any questions you may have on our online contact form, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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